Welcome to Project Empathy

At the end of this training, you will be able to communicate effectively with every type of personality. You will be a great listener, first-class noticer and get better results in your career and personal life.

You will be able to make a bigger impact because you have increased your influence. With your new skills, you can be the leader or partner you always wanted to be.

In week four, you have the exclusive and unique opportunity to find out for yourself why Dr. Mark Goulston is the world’s leading expert for deep listening, radical empathy and true influence. In a live Q&A, he will answer your questions and help with your individual struggles.

You cannot make it to any of the live dates? No problem. You can send in your question and we’ll send you a replay.

But we need your help.

We want this to be the most effective and life-changing training you ever had and here is how you can help:

Please work on one BrainDiamond after the next and don’t move on until you implemented it.

Brain-sized bits

The result people are getting from most training is small. That is true for books, on-site training, and workshops.

One of the reasons is that our brain can only store a certain amount of information at a time. Another reason is that it takes practice and repetition to turn knowledge into skills. We take in 5 x more information than 20 years ago, but we don’t know 5 x more.

What we would like you to do for yourself is to work on one BrainDiamond at a time. That way, we can be sure that you achieve the goal of making a bigger impact and getting better results in your personal and professional relationships.

This is not a race for time. It’s a race for transformation and getting better results in your personal and professional life. For the rest of your life.

Additional components

We will introduce you to the Humm-Wadsworth model and after this training, you will be able to use it at any time without additional preparation. You’ll be able to communicate effectively with every type of personality and get through to people you didn’t get along well.

The BrainDiamonds™ will help you to up your leadership skills and increase your influence.

We marked lessons with “DIG” that are not necessary to achieve your goal. Read them if you’re interested, there is no negative effect if you don’t.

Isn’t that enough? Why are there even more components?

Because many people need them and we do not want you to fail because you are stressed out or lack self-awareness and impulse control.

How to know if you will benefit from the mindfulness component

We added a few simple options and exercises that do not cost you any or very little time because we believe that everyone can benefit from mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a source of power because it allows us to access our creativity, intelligence, imagination, clarity, assertiveness and wisdom.

Not only as a tool to help implementing new habits – mindfulness can help people in stress-management, pain management and even help ease anxiety.

Meditation might be the strongest tool but we understand that some people just don’t like meditation. Therefore, we added simple mindfulness exercises and brainwave entrainment.

How to decide if you need the emotion management module

  • You say things you later regret
  • You don’t know why you feel a certain way (i.e. angry)
  • You’re a bully
  • You’re passive-aggressive

If you’re not sure if you should invest time in that module, take our impulse control assessment. It’s very quick and will help you to decide.

Two more questions can help you to decide if you should work on your self-awareness and self-management:

Do You Recognize Your Emotions as You Experience Them?

In other words, could you tell someone
what emotional state you’re in while you’re in it? Can you identify which
emotions are driving your behavior? Or do you get overcome and upset and only
later discover the emotions behind what you were feeling?

Answer this question as honestly and objectively as possible. People with high EI can identify their emotions as they feel them. They know how to regulate and control, and thus handle emotions in an appropriate way. If you don’t feel that you can, you could stand to improve your emotional intelligence.

Do Your
Emotions Have a Strong Impact on How You Behave?

Are you generally in control of your
emotions, or are you led by them? Consider a time recently when you’ve felt a
strong emotion. Did you do or say anything rash? Or, in spite of what you were
feeling, were you able to handle the situation calmly and appropriately?

Emotional intelligence gives you control over your emotions and provides coping mechanisms to help you deal with them.

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